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Recommended Puppy Supplies

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We suggest Amazon or PawTree for online purchasing of your supplies, they are almost always cheaper than the box stores! For more recommendations on food, treats, potty training, and toys visit our Nutrition page.

Training Supplies


We recommend that your puppy is crated at night and for naps at least during the first several months, after that, a lot of people will transition into a dog bed. While you do not need a bed right away I do recommend getting a nice pad or elevated dog bed for training purposes, we regularly use pads or elevated beds for training, and for placing our dogs and puppies, we keep ours in the main area of our home to place our dogs when people come over, during dinner, etc. it is one of the most used dog items in our home!


We recommend a 36" crate for our Mini Goldendoodles and a 24" crate for our F1b Goldendoodles. We recommend getting one with a divider that can be adjusted, it will make crate training easier when your puppy first comes home and will prevent you from having to buy multiple crates. You can purchase a nice pad or cushion for the crate but we do not recommend using it inside of the crate until you are sure they will not have accidents in the crate until then use a towel or small blanket that is easier to wash!

Puppy crate

Single Door Dog Crate

Durable heavy-duty slide bolt latch firmly locks the door to keep your dog safely inside while you're away.

Puppy crate pad

Padded Crate Mat

Polyester faux fur padded surface.
Durable material to be chew resistant.

Collar & Leash

We recommend a quick snap style collar or harness for your puppy. Puppies can easily get themselves caught in something and a snap collar will unsnap to prevent strangulation. When they are a little older, there are so many fun options available. We recommend a couple of different length leashes as you will use them for different purposes. We strongly advise against retractable style dog leashes. Get a short standard style leash for walking to teach your puppy the heel command, and a 30’ recall leash for training purposes. Don’t forget to get a pet ID tag with your puppies name and your contact info!

Plaid collar and leash set

Bow Tie Dog Collar and Leash Set

The 59-inch leash is suitable for puppies.
Made of PU leather and cotton material for comfort.

Plaid puppy harness

Padded Vest Harness

Suitable for small breed dogs. Made from 100% polyester, durable breathable mesh material.

Potty Training

We all know that accidents happen, so why not be prepared? This set includes everything you’ll need to take care of any mess. It’s a very POOPular choice!

PawTree pottytraining products

Basic Pet Training Pack

Healthy training treats for even the pickiest eater.
Includes poopy bags and stain remover/odor eliminator.

PawTree stain remover

Surface Stain Remover

Eliminates the tough pet and household stains and odors. Helps prevent repeat marking.

Grooming & Feeding Supplies

Invest in a quality slicker brush for your doodle as well as a detangler comb. Goldendoodle coats require regular grooming and maintenance, a nice brush and comb will make grooming much easier! Your professional groomer will thank you for brushing them frequently. If they have too many knots and tangles they will give them a short poodle cut.

It is important to purchase a high-quality dog shampoo, cheap shampoos will dry out their skin and remove the natural oils in their coat. You should only bathe your golden doodle 1-2 times a month. Frequent baths will dry out their skin.

We love slow feeder bowls, especially when they are puppies. It serves 2 purposes, slowing down how quickly your puppy eats (PawTree is packed with such a high density of nutrients that you want time for it to absorb in the puppy’s digestive system) and 2nd, it's a great brain activity for your puppy (makes the puppy work a little harder to get the food). All-natural, holistic food and treats are key to keeping your pet healthy for years. These treats have no preservatives or additives, giving you peace of mind you are giving nothing but the best for your fur family member.

Grooming kit

Dog Grooming Tools Kit

This set includes a slicker brush, dog rake brush, and metal dog comb. Removes tough mats and tangles with ease.

Magic Cowboy detangler product

Detangler & Shine Conditioner

Penetrates below the surface and restores moisture while strengthening hair. Contains no water or alcohol.

Puppy cleanup wipes

Deodorizing Bath Wipes

Leaves your dog smelling fresh and clean with a Spring Water scent. Great for quick clean-ups and between bath refreshing.

Puppy shampoo and conditioner

Tearless Puppy Shampoo & Conditioner

Made from coconut oil with no sulfate, parabens, phosphate.

Blue slow feeder dog bowl

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Promotes slower and healthier eating and prevents indigestion. Anti-skid pads prevent knock over.

Douple slow feeder dog bowls

Double Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

Control canine obesity with this maze in a bowl.
Stainless steel bowl for water is detachable for easy cleaning.

PawTree dental sticks

Small Dental Sticks

Control plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth while freshening their breath at the same time.

PawTree dog treats

Dry Roasted Duck & Orange Strips

Pet treats to satisfy the cravings of your natural hunter.
No fillers! All-natural and completely grain-free.

Puppy Toys

My preferred toys are PawTree brand toys, they hold up much better than other brands. Solid plastic and rope toys will also last much longer. I try to avoid anything with stuffing. You will find it all over your home within a couple of days.

Green CBD dog bone

Small CBD Bone

For moderate to aggressive chewers. Occupies your dog during stressful times.

Blue treat dispensing toy

Roly Poly Ball

Durable treat-dispensing toy. Multiple textures will keep your dog's attention.

Blue plush spaceship toy

Plush Spaceship Toy

Once the plush exterior is torn, it reveals another plush toy (a mini alien!). Great for playing fetch or tug-o-war.

Light blue plush octopus toy

Plush Octopus Toy

This soft and plush toy is cuddly enough for nap time. Has squeakers and a grunter for loads of fun.

Interactive puzzle dog toy

Interactive Puzzle Game

Hide treats in easy open-close flip compartments to challenge your dog. Helps with anxiety and entertains bored dogs to prevent destructive behaviors.

PLEASE NOTE: The linked products above will take you to PawTree or Amazon to make a purchase. These links are provided as a convenience to our puppy families. We are affiliated with PawTree but not with Amazon.

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