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Goldendoodle Express

The Health of Our Puppies

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The health of our puppies and puppy parents is one of our top priorities. All of our puppy parents have completed health testing to help us ensure the health of our puppies.

Before your puppy goes home it will receive the following:

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  • The puppy will be examined by a licensed veterinarian.
  • The puppy will be microchipped.
  • The puppy will receive recommended immunization by a licensed veterinarian. You will be provided their immunization records at puppy pick up.
  • Puppies will be up to date on deworming for internal parasites that are common in puppies.
  • A written 2-year health guarantee and warranty is provided for all of our puppies.

Understanding Your Puppy's Nutrition

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Nutrition is a fundamental part of your new pup’s happiness and well-being. When dogs eat better, they feel better and they act better. We’ve looked high and low to find the types of foods that will give your pup everything they need, at all stages of life. Here are a few things we feel are important when selecting food for your dog:

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Quality Ingredients

Real meat, vitamin-packed fruits and veggies, and other nutrient-dense ingredients should be found in your pup’s food. Avoid fillers and preservatives! A healthy pup starts with the healthy ingredients found in their food.

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Thoughtful Formulations

Many companies out there will boast about healthy ingredients, but how well do those ingredients work together? We believe every ingredient should serve a purpose, and you should know just what that purpose is.

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Benefits You'll Notice

The best foods out there are built to benefit your pup from nose to tail. The right foods will improve your pup’s digestion, skin and coat, and so much more! You’ll notice the difference in how your pup acts and feels.

"the love  of a dog  is a pure thing."

-- Michel Houellebecq

The Food We Recommend for Your Pup

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Pawtree Pet Food Bags

Here at Golden Doodle Express, we love feeding our dogs Pawtree dog food and treats. We absolutely love the ingredients and all the benefits we’ve seen for our pups.

These are the reasons why we love PawTree:

  • Complete and balanced Customized Nutrition Plans developed for every pet’s unique needs.
  • Plan recommendations are created from an algorithm developed by our experienced panel of Veterinarians and a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition.
  • A natural and holistic approach to product development.
  • Premium natural products at a comparable price. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. That’s why it’s important to provide your pet with quality nutrition. While some brands use inexpensive fillers and poultry by-products, pawTree uses only the best ingredients. Nourishing your dog with a high-quality brand will lead to a long, healthy, vibrant life for your four-legged friend and less time at the vet’s office. Three key things affect our pet’s health—genetics, nutrition, and luck. We can’t affect genetics, and we can’t affect luck, but we CAN affect nutrition. It’s very important to feed a proper diet and supplement as necessary.
  • EZ Ship convenience. Your order is delivered to your door precisely when your pet needs it. Based on your pet’s profile, you’ll receive your recommended EZ Ship cycle. Unlike other auto-ship programs, we know with precise certainty how much your pets need and when they need it. You can add, delete, or modify items at any time. You’ll never have to worry about running out of food, or needing to go to the store – we manage it for you, and deliver it right to your door!
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