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Goldendoodle Express

Welcome to Goldendoodle Express

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Home Bred and Raised

Our goal is to fill your home with the love and joy we experience with our dogs. They are truly a part of our family and spend every waking moment by our side.

We choose to own and raise the mini golden doodle breed due to their mild temperament, trainibility, intellect, smaller size, and hypoallergenic traits. Although these wonderful mini doodles are virtually non-shedding, there are times they could throw a few hairs.

We strive to provide our owners with not only the best quality and best-looking dogs but also the best-trained puppies. We prepare and arm our owners with training and reading materials as well as constant support to supply them with the knowledge to weather the 2-year puppy stage to find their “best friend.”

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Goldendoodle Express puppies are puppy culture trained, litter box trained, introduced to kennel training, leash training, and basic command training. This is all included with our puppy price.

We are NOT a kennel. Our dogs are our pets and part of our family or our guardian home families. They live in the home with us so your puppies will have a great start. We proudly produce healthy, quality, family-friendly puppies for your family to enjoy for years to come.

"dogs  do speak, but only to those  who know  how to listen."

-- Orhan Pamuk

Doodle Express Delivering Smiles & Snuggles
One Puppy at a time


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